If there is a single cheat code to our reality it is that all, “us vs. them” mentalities and philosophies do not win over time.

It is as if the machine god of this simulation has coded a ‘trap door’ in the system to where those that think they are stronger, better, faster, smarter never go anywhere over time. They get a trap door that swings open and they crash and fall into oblivion. You can go backward in time and view various schools of thought, cultures, religions, philosophies, government —it does not work.

Today we are drowning in the ‘us vs. them’ ethos, from our commentators to our politicians to our business leaders.

Whenever you see those espousing the virtues of their position and more importantly how the ‘other guy’ is wrong, bad, horrific, you can easily ascertain that this is not the instruction you want to live by.

If we are to make it in this world, we must begin to rid ourselves of the ‘us vs. them’ mentality and realize it does not exist.

There is only ‘all of us.’

—August Ritchie