The Gammalon

Our studio’s name, The Gammalon, means fierce consciousness. It is more of an ideal than a place.  There are no egos here, just a small decentralized, collective with a unified voice. We create stories that seek to analyze the nature of reality through character constructs. 

We continually strive to better ourselves as humans through our artistic creations, dedicating our time to leave something that emerges from our own imperfections. 

The Gammalon exists as this perfect ideal of who we want to become, a destination, a playground flying a flag of meaning and purpose, as we sail towards ourselves, life after life.


About Us

We are a small cadre of artists, musicians, poets and creators distributed globally coming together for a moment in time, in this case, the 21st century. Our goal is cultivate hearts, allowing them to grow strong to serve as insulation against the erosion of childlike wonder. 

Our purpose is to rekindle a remembrance of something that once was via fictionalized worlds, in a sense injecting our audience with an immunization against the slow decay of awe. 

Our current work focuses on a three-volume, hand-illustrated story entitled, The Last Fish.  The first volume, “Sailors at the End of Time” launches in the fall of 2020 and takes place on our dying planet.

Our central ideas typically focus on nature, wildlife, the concept of peace, deep ecology, and journeys into simulation theory and other philosophical wanderings.


The Gammalon Manifesto:

To pursue the craft of visual storytelling to its highest expression.

To create stories that give a voice to the voiceless and a trumpet for the silenced

To pursue the goal of dispensing wonder at all ages

To recognize our responsibility for truth in our creations

To operate with integrity as human and in our work




We love Collaboration

Our work is copyrighted to allow us make a fair amount so that we may continue our passion as creators. If you would like to publish our current story, The Last Fish Vol. 1, in another language or create merchandise, design and produce costumes from the story, perhaps discuss physical light installations or even make new music together, we’re happy to discuss. Please contact us at: service at last fish com. We’d love to hear from you!

The twelve original music tracks created specifically for the The Last Fish have been donated directly from the respective artists listed in the project. If you would like to collaborate with them directly or license their music, their contact information can be found in the link at the bottom of each page that contains music.