The Gammalon

The name of our studio, The Gammalon, means fierce consciousness. It is more of an ideal than a place. There are no egos in our studio, just a humble group of folks with a unified goal of creating stories that give a voice to the voiceless and a trumpet for the silenced. Our goal is to rekindle a remembrance of something that once was, injecting our audience with an immunization against the slow decay of wonder as we age. Our core ideas focus on peace, nature, wildlife, deep ecology, simulation theory and other philosophical wanderings.

Our current work, The Last Fish: Sailors at the End of Time, is a story about a girl born after climate & biodiversity collapse has destroyed her planet. She discovers the last fish and goes on a journey to try to save him. We find a humanity that we have lost as a people through the lens of this young girl’s character living at the end of time.
The Last Fish launches fall 2020 on Amazon paperback and Kindle.

We love Collaboration

If you would like to publish The Last Fish in another language, consider a live action film or animation or create merchandise from the fictionalized world, please contact us at: author at last fish com. We’d love to hear from you!

The twelve original music tracks created specifically for the The Last Fish have been donated directly by their respective artists who live all around the world. If you would like to collaborate with them directly or license their music, their contact information can be found in SoundCloud.