The “anti-woke” movement of today has had a strange and lethal beneficiary: The Defense and Oil & Gas industries. Some of the most polluting and horrific industries known in modern times are riding on the backs of all the comedians, talking heads (e.g. Peterson, Shapiro, Shellenberger, and others) and politicians slamming Greta — a child. Of course championing the other side of the argument, that there is nothing to see here, only supports the Harold Hamm’s of the world allowing them to dictate and run environmental policy, what irony.

The fat cats and limited intellect pro war disciples have decimated the Earth, not only in heating it up, adding CO2 but also pollution and destruction of our oceans, and they are riding a wave a social support now more than ever.

One clever question you can ask the Konstatin Kisin’s of the world, (who never go up against real intelligence) to shield you from this lunacy is the following:

“Hi Konstantin, a basic chemistry question for you, what happens to the ocean’s pH when we dump 6B metric tons of human-made CO2 into it each year? Any ideas?”

Hopefully, if he has humanity, and not a mindless automaton, he will pause in thought. Most of the folks mentioned above are not deep systems’ thinkers, they take positions that help and enrich those most  responsible for the most destruction, pollution and extinction of our species, as they laugh all the way to the bank.

—August Ritchie