The Last Fish: Sailors at the End of Time

The Last Fish is a hand-drawn illustrative book about a young girl living at the end of time. Extreme climate change and biodiversity collapse has devastated her once blue planet.

The lead character, Dwee, lives with her Grandfather on a deserted, research island south of Cape Horn. While playing her music instrument atop a cliff’s edge, she notices a bright, golden light. After many nightly encounters she realizes its a fish struggling for survival.

She and her Grandfather (both glass artists) build a beautiful periscope to observe the little fish underwater. One day, an ominous predator arrives from the sky and Dwee, fearing her aquatic friend will not make it, dives from the cliff into the toxic ocean.

After retrieving the fish, she learns he is the last of his kind. She decides to go on a long, impossible journey to find him clean water in a faraway land testing her limits of courage and self-sufficiency.

The Last Fish explores the lives of those that will inherit the ecological and environmental destruction of our actions today. It is a deep, yet hopeful story meant to inspire everyone. Its message proposes a reconnection to nature, wildlife and conservation.

Dwee’s journey through an extreme and desolate environment to save a vulnerable life teaches all of us the humanity and wisdom that has been lost in our present time of “us vs. them’.

We hope The Last Fish story reawakens a passion for sustainability and builds the next generation of sustainability heroes.

—The Author