The Last Fish

Sailors at the End of Time

In the twilight of time, "The Last Fish" unfolds, where a young girl serenades a dying world. Amidst nature's ruins, she discovers a luminous fish, the last of its kind, gasping for survival. Plunging into a perilous odyssey for pristine waters, she confronts a world fragmented by discord, aiming to revive a lost wisdom.

Dive into an imaginative tale of resilience, artistry, and celestial wonder; from glass-blowing to navigating starry skies. Unravel mysteries of St. Elmo's Fire, the symphony of nature, and the heartbeat of survival. This tale isn't just a lament but a clarion call for unity, hope, and stewardship of our Earth.

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Get the magic of "The Last Fish" — a mesmerizing odyssey binding hearts back to nature's embrace. Critics hail it as a “victorian-tinted, yet futuristic fiction, woven with deep philosophical threads and a spirited touch of eco-wisdom.”

For the thinkers, dreamers and curiosity-seekers of life. Dive in to The Last Fish!

Let "The Last Fish" rekindle your bond with nature, nudging you forward as a guardian of our fragile world.

— August Ritchie, Author


Last Fish studios is a beacon of fierce consciousness, not merely a space but an ideal. Here, egos dissolve, replaced by harmonious souls building a wonder and awe machine in various modalities. We paint stories rich with philosophy, song, and profound cosmic musings. Delve into our first story: "The Last Fish: Sailors at the End of Time"—a post-apocalyptic quest of a young girl finding her planet's final fish, a poignant reflection of lost humanity. Available on Amazon.

Collaboration: Envision "The Last Fish" in another language? Reach out and let us know.

Music: Immerse in the symphony of twelve original tracks, gifts from global artists. Available on SoundCloud.


Delve deeper into "The Last Fish" universe and enhance your enjoyment with the accompanying music.

"Space and Time" By Midori Meshitsuka
Within the celestial constellation of creativity called 'The Last Fish', orbits the storyteller, August Ritchie, weaving the complex narrative to Save the Light. We hope you enjoy the beauty of this story designed for the undying spirit of wonder in all hearts and for all ageless adventurers and explorers who wish to preserve nature’s treasure.
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– August

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